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License To operate wireless apparatus

Any company vying to provide internet services in the country must obtain an ISP license from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). Based upon the scale and area of service ISP licenses have been divided into three categories A, B and C. Category A service area covers the whole of India. Category B service area covers all 20 Territorial Telecom Circles and 4 Metro cities. Four other major cities (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune) are also included in category B other than the metro cities. Category C service area refers to Secondary Switching Areas (SSA) as defined by the DoT.

Documents Required For License

  1. Online application

  2. Import Application

  3. Copy of Agreement in Principle

  4. Copy of P.O

  5. Copy of P.I

  6. Technical Brochure of equipment

What We Offer:

  • Get free expert consultancy from experts.

  • Document Preparation

  • Application Drafting

  • Online Application submission along with proper selection of products & categories within 48 Hours. Wrong selection leads to rejection of application.

  • Obtain system-generated application ID.

  • A hard copy of the application will be submitted to the WPC office

  • After verifying the documents and information, WPC authority grants the license. And we deliver the certification and Delivery via Courier & Email

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