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experiment license

As the name suggests, any person or company which intends to conduct experiments or research on wireless equipment must obtain an experimental license from WPC authority. It falls under the category of a network license. Prior to applying for this license, an applicant is required to already possess a Dealer Possession License. If not then the applicant needs to apply for a DPL first. Experimental Licenses are issued by five regional offices located in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and Guwahati.

For Non Radiating Experiment License:

  1. Can be applied by Companies for Training,  Manufacturing, Software development, Experimentation

  2. It can be applied for Radiating/Non Radiating Conditions

  3. Following document are required for applying:

  4. Online Application.

  5. Application for experimental License.

  6. Technical details of equipment.

  7. Purpose of experiment.

  8. NOC from Service provider/user of the applied frequency is helpful

For Radiating Experiment License:

  1. Experiment License is applied at concerned RLO

  2. Application in Regular frequencies are processed at RLO Level.

  3. Application in Non-regular Frequencies are sent to Sanchar Bhavan. HQ for allotment of frequency

  4. Once processed Agreement in Principle letter (AIP) is issued to Applicant

  5. AIP Holder is entitled for import License

What We Offer:

  • Get free expert consultancy from experts.

  • Document Preparation

  • Application Drafting

  • Online Application submission along with proper selection of products & categories within 48 Hours. Wrong selection leads to rejection of application.

  • Obtain system-generated application ID.

  • A hard copy of the application will be submitted to the WPC office

  • After verifying the documents and information, WPC authority grants the license. And we deliver the certification and Delivery via Courier & Email

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